APU owns, manages, and markets a portfolio of consumer brands that span across many tiers of distribution from luxury to mass market.

This portfolio consists of retail brands from major countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Europe and the United States, as well as Asia centered on Japan and Korea.

To facilitate the overall strategy APU relies on their branding/marketing knowledge, extensive relationships with retail management, strategic partnerships and brand licensing manufacturing entities.

Each brand is uniquely positioned maintaining the brand heritage and equity, considering new categories and current tiers of distribution. APU’s current network of international and domestic partners offers the opportunity to take a niche brand to a visible worldwide lifestyle brand.

All of the brands within the APU portfolio have tailored integrated marketing strategies, encompassing tactics to engage our customer base in an exciting manner. Through traditional and new mediums alike, the brands are fostered & managed to communicate key branded messages within the market place.

Since its inception, APU has continued to invest in major Japanese brands, and currently manages a global IP portfolio of more than 30 licensees worldwide and a growing Japanese brand platform with JBRAND100 project.


APU’s foundation is the license contract, management, recovery, acquisition, and valuation of a brand. We determine the asset value of the brand in order to properly assess its value for either purchase or sale of the mark. APU owns and manages brands that are sustainable and can create its own revenue model.

License Contract

Under the license contract, our team of experts will begin to fully and thoroughly understand the brand’s potential distribution channels and pricing strategies in the business areas chosen by the licensee. We provide our licensees with tools such as brand development profiles, trend guides, style guides, and brand directions.

Marketing Strategy

Our marketing team builds a strategy with professional partners after compiling significant data relating to consumer awareness, competitive landscape, and revenue potential of the IP marks. Tactics in place include: Brand Marketing, Media Advertising, Social Media Marketing & Influencer Relations, Public Relations.

Licensing Evaluation

Many companies today do not have the infrastructure in place to evaluate and execute a licensing strategy. As a result, there is lost revenue opportunity, less brand awareness, and product extension opportunities that a well-conceived licensing program offers. APU is building brands and consumer recognition through a licensing program that fits the client’s profile.

Japan Brands Asset

APU is uniquely positioned to evaluate Japan brands, Japan brand acquisition, sale and licensing activities. We value brands by conducting detailed market field assessment and research. Due diligence is prepared onsite where we begin a reviewing process that starts with historic data and industry analysis and brand positioning. In many instances we will invest in these types of brand assets or enter into exclusive agreements.

Global Expansion

APU brands have expanded their footprint to penetrate international markets. Through HYUNDAI C SQUARE Inc, a subsidiary of HYUNDAI Group, APU utilizes an extensive network of international partners & distributors in Asia, South America, Central America, Middle East, Russia & Europe.  APU creates an global strategy that drives revenue by leveraging a domestic base base of licensees, thru existing relationships around the globe.



First and foremost, APU is a full-service brand management and investment. Given the close partnerships we’ve developed with our clients over the years, it was inevitable that we’d add distribution to our business fields. We’ve formalized these focused areas of expertise and experience by adding them to our list of services.

APU’s strategic partner for safe and reliable international trade is HYUNDAI C SQUARE Inc, a subsidiary of HYUNDAI Group, a global company representing Korea.

With the various business expertise accumulated in the global market, HYUNDAI C SQUARE, is a spin-off company from HYUNDAI Corporation which focuses on new business developments including Fashion & Beauty, Brand Licensing, food & Beverage, Entertainment and beyond.

APU is successfully carrying out trade, distribution and brand business through HYUNDAI’s global network based on 42 global offices in 32 countries. We provide global importers with better terms of business and trust than direct dealings with Korean manufacturers.

The products we supply are reliable, safe, and very competitive. You don’t have to hesitate to deal with problems such as quality verification, price bargaining, payment deadline adjustment, and account credit. HYUNDAI and APU will solve all these problems on your behalf.

Product Incubator

We know good brands and good products when we see them. On occasion, we’ve become so vested in a client’s success that we’ve made it official and taken our partnerships to the next level.

Korea-Japan Market

Before creating APU, our partners David KIM and Richard RIM spent years working with this unique marketplace. APU understands the complexities of this market as well as the decision-makers in this unique process from manufacturer to the final consumer.

Channel Expansion

APU use the most effective channels to get your products and services out into the marketplace. We help deliver effective messaging to the right person at the right time in the right place. Our plans implement effective sales channel to align your products with your audience’s needs.

42 Global Networks Operated by HYUNDAI

42 Global Networks Operated by HYUNDAI