We have a lot of interest and investment in personal branding. In particular, we are expanding our business model for Japanese artists(influencers, cartoonists, artisan etc.) who want to enter the Korean market.

ARTIST AGENCY is a project in which APU works as a dedicated agency to manage and assist Japanese artists who want to work in Korea. For Japanese artists, With the growth of social media, the internet is now the de facto way to communicate with people around the world, both personally and professionally, across borders.

And while it’s important to have an online presence on one or a number of platforms like YouTube or Instagram, the reality is that it’s just a me-too approach which is all too common these days. In order for a Japanese artist’s personal brand to succeed in the Korean market, it must have an attractive story, be original, and convey sincerity through communication and empathy.

At APU ARTIST AGENCY, we not only have the skills to do business in Korea, but we have the experience and human network required to help Japanese artists build a powerful and unique personal brand that truly represents them to the Korean public.

Japanese Artists

– Influencers
– Writers
– Cartoonists
– Artisan
– Broadcasters
– Athletes
– Chefs
– Models


– Personal Branding
– Effective personal marketing
– Social media management
– Online reputation management
– PR & talent management
– Podcast & Broadcast
– Content Creation
– Workshops

Project Investment

– Project assessment
– Investment and management
– M&A of developers (Inhouse)
– Creating investment fund
– Matching fund operation
– Takeover of IPR