The beginning of street fashion, launched in London, England in 1986 by Michiko Koshino.

A brand of British Modern Classic concept that combines London’s traditional classical sensibility with a reasonable and modern sense.


ORIGIN : United Kingdom

CONCEPT : #British London  #Street fashion  #Free  #Dynamic  #Spirited  #Young  #Challenge



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Michiko Koshino, who represents London Street Casual Culture, is a Japanese-British designer who was born in Osaka, Japan in 1943 and is active in European and Asian markets.

She is the third daughter of Ayako Koshino, a leading fashion figure in Japan who modeled the NHK morning TV novel Carnation. She is one of the three world-famous fashion designers, Koshino Hiroko and Koshino Junko, as her sisters.

She devoted herself to tennis when she was a student and won the national championship in soft tennis when she was in college. She has been working on design in London since 1973 when she went to England alone. Its characteristic designs, such as inflatable air-filled “Inflatable” series and neoprene, have a great impact on club and music scenes in London. The collection is housed in the Royal Victoria & Albert Museum, a symbol of 80’s street culture. She is also the first Japanese to become an official member of the British Fashion Association.

MICHIKO LONDON, which started in 1986. With the “KOSHINO” brand, it has made inroads into not only Europe and the U.S., but also Asian countries, including Japan, and achieved success. And the world’s first brand. She also announced condoms and actively participated in social contributions such as AIDS eradication. In addition, “YEN JEANS,” a jeans brand featuring Japanese technology such as indigo dyeing and Japanese denim, has been successful mainly in Europe.

Few fashion designers are as familiar with the public as Michiko Koshino. This is because natural innocence and cheerfulness, unique humor and wit, never bore people.

APU is working with this incredibly wonderful designer on a global IP business that introduces her brands to markets around the world. Look forward to it. Michiko is back.