Our employees come from a variety of backgrounds, but all share an entrepreneurial mindset and the belief that a respectful, collegial work environment is a prerequisite for success.

We serve our clients in teams, ensuring that they benefit from the expertise and connections we offer across the entire company. We also believe that this collaborative and inclusive approach makes APU a better place to work.

Yes, You are the person that APU wants. We look forward to people with honesty, passion, spirit of innovation, willingness to communicate, and professional spirit.


We don’t agree with the statement ‘honesty costs money’. We believe that honesty is the surest capital. We want to work with good man and honest man.


We want to work with people who are recognized as experts in their field. We’d like to meet someone with real skills and pride who can seriously discuss their field all night long.


We look forward to people who can truly enjoy their work. We like people who are so passionate about their work that they sometimes forget to eat and sleep.


We want to work with someone who can communicate with common sense. We like people who can listen to the other person, understand the other person’s position, and speak their point correctly.

Our Culture

Our Culture

Balance of Autonomy and Responsibility

Ensure maximum business autonomy. Office hours can also be applied flexibly depending on personal schedules. This autonomy involves active responsibility, and maintaining the balance between autonomy and responsibility is an APU culture that enhances creativity and maximizes work efficiency.

Consistency of Argument and Cooperation

Active self-assertion and expression of intent are encouraged in all meetings, although the way and scale of the meeting are different. However, all meeting participants should actively cooperate with the results that are determined. No one is excepted and consistency of argument and cooperation must be maintained.

Why and Right Now principles

The two most frequently heard working principles are, “Always ask yourself Why” and “Right Now.” The principle of constantly thinking “Why” in everything and understanding the nature of work, and starting “Right Now”, is the most basic way of working for APU.

Recruit Guide

Recruit Guide

Talented people from various careers are gathering at APU to carry out innovative projects that will change the lifestyle of customers around the world. Every APU employee can focus on their own expertise in a horizontal and collaborative work environment. Since the foundation of APU, we strives to create a workforce where all individuals have the equal opportunity to grow and reach their full potential regardless of race, religion, gender, color, national origin, age, physical or mental disability. We look forward to meeting you who are willing to challenge and positive and passionate about everything.

To recruit people to lead the future of the APU, we recruit:

  • Regular recruit : APU conducts regular hiring once or twice a year.
  • Occasional recruit : APU conducts occasional recruitment depending on their job, experience, etc.
  • Recruit process : Document screening → 1st interview screening → 2nd interview screening → Job consultation → Final result
  • Recruit field : Project planning / Project development / Investment management
  • Submission documents : Resume / Job application / Portfolio
  • Submission to :
  • Education, gender, age, nationality, religion, and disability are not the criteria for hiring.
  • Please note that it can be closed early if a confirmed employee occurs.
  • If the information such as academic background and career written in the job application is found to be false, the pass may be canceled.
  • A three-month probationary period is applied to full-time employment, and the personnel system, salary, and benefits are all applied equally during the probationary period.
  • If you have any other recruitment questions, please contact and we will respond quickly.