ASIAPSS is a financial solution development fintech startup founded in 2010 by DAVI J KIM, one of the founding members of APU. On November 14, 2012, ASIAPASS launched ‘SMCC Korea Travel Prepaid Card’ also known as Jang Geunseok Card in partnership with Hana SK Card in Korea and Sumitomo Mitsui Card in Japan.

This card is a prepaid card that Japanese tourists can buy in yen in Japan and pay like a domestic credit card in Korea, and at that time, it was a groundbreaking business model that linked its own financial system without using international brand card companies such as VISA and MASTER.

After that, DAVID, which broke up with the founding member of ASIAPASS, acquired ASIAPASS through APU Project in 2014. This is the beginning of the APU.


The predecessor of APU KOREA Inc is ASIAPASS, a fintech company that has led the Korea-Japan international prepaid card business along with Sumitomo Mitsui Card of Japan. APU KOREA Inc was established on a capital investment by APU GLOBAL PTE LTD. of Singapore in April of 2014 and specializes in developing international financial solutions based on the Japanese and Korean markets.


APU TRADING Inc is a distribution company established with Hong Kong funds in 2015. As a partner of GS Retail Group, which represents the Korean distribution market, APU TRADING Inc was recognized for its growth potential by attracting investment from KOSDAQ-listed company in 2017.


APU GLOBAL Inc is a project planning company that has attracted investment from Japan and is exploring competitive products and services in the Asian market.


APU PRIME Inc is a brand licensing and publishing company that specializes in Brand IP(Intelligent Property) established in 2016.


As the holding company of the APU project, we plan the business strategy and support each project to realize the APU vision.